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MSCG is administered by a volunteer board, elected annually. All leadership team members also have garden plots. As the garden has grown, so has the board, and most positions are now co-coordinators. For more information, questions, or to reach a specific member, e-mail


In just five years, the Merriam Station Community Garden has more than tripled in size. We started our journey with a small, but determined, band of volunteers intent on creating a fertile space that could help feed our families. We’re proud to have created a place of peace and beauty in what was once a forgotten patch of land.

Because Union Park is a well-developed district with little open space, finding a suitable location was difficult. After vetting several parcels within parks and on school properties, we identified a large parcel of unused land adjacent to Interstate 94 and near the intersection of Prior and Gilbert Avenues. The location was ideal because water was accessible, the land underused, the soil safe, and the site sunny.

We wanted a name that evoked both the industrial nature of the area and the Merriam Park neighborhood. The entrepreneur John L. Merriam was the original landowner, and the neighborhood was actually one of Minnesota’s first suburbs. Milwaukee Depot occupied the site from the 1870s until it was torn down sometime around World War II. From then, six to eight houses were located on the land until they were torn down in the 1960s to make way for Interstate 94.

In Spring of 2015, we plotted out about 30 more gardens on our Phase III expansion, on top of the hill. By the 2016 season, all of those hilltop plots were being actively gardened, including a full plot dedicated to food shelf donations. A fence project was begun in 2015 around Phase III, and it is expected to be completed in the spring of 2017.

By the 2016 growing season, we reached capacity, and began a fourth phase of plot development, including a large pollinator garden in-between Phases I and III. This pollinator garden is tended by a local nonprofit, The Wildflower Project, which aims to bring more bee habitat to the St. Anthony Park and Midway neighborhoods. The new development area is lablled with letters instead of numbers, and so we call it Alphabet City. Alphabet City will grow again in 2017, as we’re already entering the growing season above capacity.

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We start the process of assigning plots January 1 of each gardening season. Plots are assigned to the waiting list on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is given to existing gardeners.

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